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US$20M ExxonMobil signing bonus scandal: PPP joins Opposition call for entire Gov’t to resign



Guyana is currently being rocked by the worst scandal it has had to face in decades. The refusal by the Government to disclose the ExxonMobil signing bonus, the emphatic denial not only of its receipt but of its very existence by Ministers Winton Jordan, Raphael Trotman and Joseph Harmon, coupled with the eventual disclosure that not only was the bonus received but that it was unlawfully hidden from the public accounts system in some obscure account within the Central Bank, with no entry of same in the accounting records of the state, constitute infamy of the proportion that would catapult any democratic Government out of office by resignation on its own volition.

This outrageous ignominy is exacerbated by the fact that a suffering Guyanese population have had to endure an unprecedented 200 odd new tax measures which have devastated their disposal income, no job creation policies, unparalleled incompetence and corruption in Government, nepotism, racism, discrimination, government squander-mania, widespread dismissals in the sugar belt and a deliberate refusal by the Government to assist the productive sectors, all of which are ailing in a stagnated economy, while at the same time the Government secretly paid themselves a 50 per cent increase in salaries, increased their per diem overseas travel allowance, now permits Ministers to travel overseas with their spouses with taxpayers money, arranged for Ministers to seek medical attention in Ireland with public funds and equips almost each Minister with brand new sport utility vehicles.

Against these disproportionate realities, the Government has repeatedly begged the suffering population for patience, promising that oil revenues will be their panacea and will provide eternal salvation for every Guyanese. Now we are witnessing the first major payment from this sector being cloaked in secrecy and hidden from public scrutiny and the Treasury. A $20M USD payment, first hidden, when actually revealed after more than a year of denial by the Government of its existence, has been reduced to $18M USD. With the level of corruption, which has contaminated this Government since it assumed office, it is difficult not to infer that $2M USD has already been stolen and indeed, there was an intention to steal the entire sum, eventually. This singularly fortuitous event should debunk the Government’s prophecy that the ordinary Guyanese will benefit from oil money. It should be clear to every sensible Guyanese that like the “good life”, whatever oil money we received or are to receive, only the Government and their families and friends will enjoy it.

The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) joins with the Opposition Leader and echoes his call for the entire Government to resign. We invite every patriotic Guyanese to do the same.

People’s Progressive Party

December 9, 2017

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