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PRESS RELEASE: PPP condemns firing of 4,000 sugar workers


The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) expresses deep concern and condemns the firing of almost 4,000 sugar workers from the Skeldon, Enmore and Rose Hall factories, including junior staff, supervisors and clerks.

While thousands are now without a job and are on the breadline, thousands more are indirectly affected by this callous decision.

The firing of the sugar workers comes less than a month after the Coalition Government assured that the closure of estates, including Rose Hall and Enmore, will not be done in 2017. The Coalition government also assured that it would have considered the ‘best interests of sugar workers’ before decisions are made, in relation to the sugar sector’s future.

The PPP also notes the duplicitous comments by Minister of State Joseph Harmon, who claimed that he was surprised at news of the firings, but when pressed, admitted that there was knowledge about the move at a government level, since the Ministry of Agriculture is part of government.

The PPP calls on the APNU+AFC Coalition government to take immediate measures to address the plight of sugar workers.

The PPP rejects the government’s arguments about available fiscal space to continue support for the sugar industry, making the decision to fire thousands of sugar workers a political one.

The Party calls on all sugar workers to remain vigilant ahead of the struggle to reverse these heartless decisions, which are discriminatory and cannot be supported by any rational thinking or evidence-based assessment.

People’s Progressive Party

December 7, 2017

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